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The following four forms linked to KCETB’s Assessment Policy have been updated:

Form: AP02 Assessment Brief
New Version: 1.1
Changes: On page 2 “Declaration of Original Work” statements have been amended to so levels 1-3 only need to confirm that this is there own work.

Form: AP05 Compassionate Consideration
New Version: 1.2
Changes: On page two a Centre Manager / Designated Person counter signature has been inserted

Form: AP IV 02 IV Checklist
New Version: 1.1
Changes: Under SAMPLED Portfolios “COVID-19 – Please include Appendix 1 Alternative Assessment Verification v1.0. For any alternative assessments, is this document included?” has been inserted on a temporary basis.

Form: AP IV 03 IV Report
New Version: 1.2
Changes: On page two and additional column has been added, on a temporary basis, to take into account Alternative Assessments during COVID-19.