Learners are at the core of what we do in KCETB. In line with KCETB Strategic Goal 1 all FET provision aims to:

“Support learners with additional needs and those affected by disadvantage to participate successfully in all education and training programmes.”

Adult Education Guidance Service
The services provided by KCETB’s AEGS is available to learners across all centres as well as adults wishing to return to education. The supports range from group and one-to-one guidance support to learners, focusing on their learning and progression options, while providing comprehensive and up to date information on education and training courses. The AEGS provides information factsheets for mature learners, such as outlining the process for application to CAO, and is available to all learners regardless of need. They also provide information on funding and grants for education and explore learner’s interests and aptitudes using guidance tools.

Adult Learning Service
The Adult Learning Service provide literacy and numeracy supports to learners across the ETB on a oneto-one and group basis. Individual centres also have integrated literacy services in place. Following national collaboration there is an extensive support system for apprentices around study skills and numeracy supports. These supports are also integrated into other areas of provision and learners are encouraged to seek support when teachers become aware of needs in this area. Coordinators are also involved in arranging numeracy and literacy support for learners.

Counselling Services
The AEGS offers managed counselling provision to learners while personal support and counselling are available in centres such as Youthreach. The scope of the counselling may range from addiction and art therapy to personal support. This is to assist learners who are facing challenges and need support to overcome or learn to cope with difficulties that are blocking the learner’s progress. Personal advocacy supports are available in some centres, specifically assisting in areas such as housing, medical cards, school placements for children newly arrived in Ireland, etc.

Learner Device Loan Scheme
The move to emergency remote learning in March 2020 brought with it a new adventure in learning for teachers and learners alike. Significant challenges were experienced by learners who did not have access to devices to engage remotely. KCETB set about procuring devices which could be loaned to learners. This initiative was supported by SOLAS through the Disadvantaged Learner Device Scheme and in November 2020 following an extensive procurement process, KCETB received and through a loan scheme allocated 432 learner devices to learners across all provision.

Additional Supports
Other supports offered to learners include educational needs assessments, dyslexia screening, assistance with applications for SUSI grant funding and the provision of assistive technology, where required, through the AEGS. A full range of examination accommodations (e.g., separate centres, readers, scribes, extra time, rest breaks, use of recording and IT equipment) are available following an application for reasonable accommodation from learners. The process for this is outlined in the Assessment Policy. Resources such as handbooks on academic writing and referencing are also available to learners.