​​​​​​​KCETB QA Oversight Committee was established to “Oversee all Quality Assurance aspects related to the design, development, approval, implementation, monitoring and review of the Further Education and Training provision offered by Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board”.

The membership of this committee currently consists of:

  • Chief Executive
  • Director of FET
  • 2 Adult Education Officers
  • Training Services Manager
  • 1 PLC Principal and 1 Deputy Principal
  • KCETB Board nominee

The following staff report to the QAOC

  • 1 Adult Education Officer
  • 1 QA Coordinator
  • 1 QA Officer
  • 1 QA Staff Officer

The group is chaired by the Director of FET, and reports to the KCETB Board at their bi monthly meeting. The group is scheduled to meet a minimum of four times per annum and has responsibility for the oversight of the development of new quality assured processes, programme development, delivery, assessment and review, approval of centres to deliver programmes etc. Six distinct sub committees are being established and these committees are directed by the QA Oversight Group and in turn will feedback to the QA Oversight Group.

These sub committees consist of:

Further information is outlined in the Quality Assurance Oversight Committee’s terms of reference.

Quality Assurance Governance Structure

The QQI Sector-Specific Quality Assurance Guidelines for the ETBs, states
that QA procedures for governance and management ‘take account of the
overall corporate responsibility of the ETB, vested in the Chief Executive
and supported by the senior management team of the ETB’.

The function of QA in FET is delegated by the Chief Executive to the Director of FET, who leads the associated structure for QA as detailed in the Governance Structure for QA and Associated Subgroups below.

The Director of FET reports to the Chief Executive of the ETB and is responsible for the governance and management of quality in the FET Service.