In KCETB, Work Experience is a valuable part of the learning experience, allowing learners to get a taste of the realities of working in their chosen career.  Therefore, most courses leading to a major award include a Work Experience module with a compulsory work placement.

To support this a Work Based Learning Working group was established in 2019, with the first meeting taking place on the 1st of February 2019. The purpose of the group is not only to enhance the quality of service to employers in Kilkenny and Carlow within existing provision, but to develop uniformity for work experience / work placement requirements across KCETB FET programmes. The Work Based Learning group will also review work based learning in all sections of FET (employee development, traineeship, apprenticeship) to ensure it is meeting QA and Industry requirements and feedback its findings and recommendations the Oversight QA Committee for approval.

The terms of reference for this group are outlined here.


  • To inform and make recommendations to via the Quality Assurance Overarching Committee on matters relating to work based learning within KCETB.
  • To facilitate an exchange of views /information and best practice regarding work based learning practices.
  • To promote the continuous improvement of work based learning.
  • To identify areas for further collaboration and Integration across the ETB Sector.
  • To develop uniformity for assessing work based learning in all sections of FET, including but not limited to:
    • Sourcing placements
    • Monitoring placements
    • Assessing / scoring participants

Membership of the Work Based Learning group includes:

  • Training Services Manager
  • QA Co-ordinator
  • PLC Deputy Principal
  • Adult Guidance Co-ordinator
  • Adult Educations Officer
  • 1 Full Time Provision Teacher
  • 1 PLC Assistant Principal