The FET Forum was established in 2017, and provides a platform for the sharing of information and networking among FET management around quality assurance policies and procedures will also act as a consultative group for the ETB FET Service and the other working groups.

The membership of the Forum consists of: Director of FET, 3 AEOs, 1 PLC Principal, 1 PLC Deputy Principal, SOLAS Authorised Officers, Training Services Manager, Assistant Training Services Manager, all FET Centre Managers and Coordinators, 2 QA Officers. Other FET Staff are also co-opted onto the Forum as and when deemed necessary.

The Forum meets up to four times a year with the key purpose of these meetings as follows:

  • Oversee the development and maintenance of a consistent, integrated FET Service that meets the needs of the local region and FET learners.
  • Act as an advisory group for QA policies and procedures proposed by KCETB Oversight QA group
  • Provide a platform for the sharing of resources and information and encourage the development of innovative projects across the FET Service.