KCETB QA Office, Bishop Birch Training Institute, Nuncio Road, Kilkenny ¦ 056 781 3098

Below is a link of the new QA Policies in KCETB. To give your feedback on the policies or any suggestions for improvement please click on the feedback link

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy v1.1 Link
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy Forms
RPL01 RPL Declaration of Interest Form v1.0
RPL02 RPCL Application Form v1.0
RPL03 RPEL Application Form v1.0
Blended Learning Policy v1.0Link
Assessment Policy v2.0 Link
Assessment Policy Forms
AP01 Assessment Calendar v1.1
AP02 Assessment Brief v1.1
AP03 Record of Submission v1.0
AP04 Reasonable Accommodation v2.0
AP05 Compassionate Consideration v1.2
AP06 Alleged Assessment Malpractice Report v1.0
AP07 Alleged System Malpractice Investigation Report v1.0
AP08 Assessment System Malpractice Sanctions v1.0
AP09 Declaration of Conflict of Interest v1.0
AP10 Notice of Allegation of Assessment Malpractice v1.0
AP11 Notice of Outcome of Investigation (substantiated) v1.0
AP12 Notice of Outcome of Investigation (unsubstantiated) v1.0
AP13 Assessment Malpractice – Appeal of Outcome v1.0
AP14 Examination Handbook (Staff Version) v1.0
AP15 Exam Invigilation Report v1.0
AP IV 01 Contents Verification v1.1
AP IV 02 Internal Verification Checklist v1.1
AP IV 03 Internal Verifier Report v1.2
AP EA 01 External Authentication Report v1.0
AP EA 02 EA Corrective Action v1.0
AP CA 01 Certification Audit Report v1.0
AP16 RAP Process Provider Checklist v1.0
AP17 RAP Meeting Agenda v1.0
AP18 RAP Process Report v1.0
AP19 RAP Confidentiality Statement v1.0
AP20 Assessment Appeals Application Form v1.0
AP21 Requesting Certification Checklist v1.0
AP22 Assessment Appeals Result Notification Letter v2.0


Quality Improvement Plan 2020