Authentication is covered in detail in the Assessment Policy. The core areas that pertain to the integrity and approval of results are:

  • IV
  • EA
  • RAP
  • Assessment Appeals

The governance and oversight of the integrity of learner results is further enhanced through:

EA Process:
From January 2020, the QA Team have managed all EA bookings through a dedicated page which has been created on the QA Portal. This process is supported through the preparation of guidance documents, as well as a briefing session for EAs outlining the types of provision and the key modifications made to assessment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Result Approval Panel (RAP):
Centralised RAPs take place at specified times throughout the year in line with QQI certification periods. This panel is chaired by the Director of FET and encompasses all provision and awarding bodies. This allows for the sharing of good practice and the implementation of improvements in line with KCETB’s commitment to quality and excellence. For more information on RAP click here.

Other Awarding Bodies
While certification from QQI accounts for up to 91% of awards attained in any given year, KCETB also has arrangements with awarding bodies other than QQI as detailed in the figure below.

EA Briefing 2024

KCETB QA Team facilitated a briefing for External Authenticators who would be conducting external authentication for KCETB in May 2024. Please see below the files and video of the briefing.

QA briefing for External Authenticators facilitating EA for KCETB in 2024

Please find here the KCETB Guidelines for EA and the presentation from the External Authenticators Briefing May 2024.