While the admission process is broadly similar in centres, and may follow that outlined in the figure below, centres must adhere to the operational guidelines set down for their programme when considering applications to participate on their programme. The FET PLC Colleges must also adhere to the Admissions Act 2018. For more information on access click here

There is continuous communication with learners regarding desired pathways. Teaching staff carry out a variety of reviews through: Monthly Progression Forms, Learner Progression Forms and Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) to assist in supporting the learner to identify and develop their learning pathway. The AEGS also plays a central role in ensuring learners are supported on their journey. This service is open to learners across all provision and adults wishing to assess their educational options. This is an important part of identifying opportunities suitable for individual learners when planning progression.

Progression pathways both internally within FET provision from one programme to another and externally to other institutions are clearly communicated to learners throughout their studies.

Local Institutes of Technology (IoTs) are attractive to learners as progression routes. The path for progression to WIT is published on their website WIT Further Education Progression Scheme (2021) and to IT Carlow on their website IT Carlow Further Education Progression Pathways – Linked programmes with both colleges referencing KCETB.

For more information on progression click here.