KCETB QA Office, Bishop Birch Training Institute, Nuncio Road, Kilkenny ¦ 056 781 3098

The purpose of this group is to establish methods to communicate and publish information about KCETB FET activity. This will include publishing information about the various KCETB centres, their education and training programmes, KCETB FET quality assurance policies and procedures and findings from quality assurance evaluations. The terms of reference for this group are outlined here.

The group has met 9 times since it was established in March 2019 and worked on the following key areas:​

  • Collected learner code of conduct and handbooks from KCETB FET centres​
  • Provided recommendations on content of KCETB FET learner handbook​
  • Agreed a KCETB RPL Statement​
  • Established the Voice for Learners Forum​
  • Began to implement recommendations arising from this forum

Learner Forum

A Voice for Learners forum was held on the 14th November 2019 in Carlow Institute of Further Education. Learners from all FET centres and services were invited to participate. The purpose of the forum was to capture the voice of the learner in KCETB​, to inform KCETB policy development​ in terms of access​ , induction​ and assessment​ , to improve our service and to listen​. Martha Bolger welcomed the group and completed the introduction.

Central to the learner forum was an extensive information gathering exercise via a survey. There were 755 respondents in total. On the day, 37 learners attended. Groups of 6—8 learners were created with a KCETB facilitator with each group. Questions informed from the survey were presented by each facilitator using a questions and answers template to record responses from learners. The key areas addressed were:

  • Access
  • Induction
  • Assessment

All recommendations were presented to the Work Based learning group.

Another learner forum was was conducted in 2020 through online surveys due to the Covid pandemic.